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Good Nutrition For Good Health

You’ve come to Robson Chiropractic for health restoration in some form or another, whether for pain relief or for a natural solution to a more complicated health issue. Your diet is of paramount importance in restoring and maintaining overall health. Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances are at least part of the cause of virtually every known disease. Improving nutrition can prevent or improve heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, and even arthritis.

Our nation’s mortality rate (life expectancy) is higher than ever, but our morbidity rate is also higher than ever! We are living longer, but living with more illness. How many people do you know 65 or older, who are pain-free and/or disease free? Stress, lack of exercise, and a lack of quality nutrition in our diet is contributing to the premature decline of our bodies –disease and degeneration.

We should be concerned not with adding years to our lives, but adding life our years! We can accomplish this by feeding our body the fuel it needs to function correctly, and thereby avoid disease and illness, and prevent premature degeneration. Good Nutrition is the key.

We begin by getting back to the basics eating nutritious, natural, whole foods. Natural foods are those that are God-made and unchanged by man. Be careful when shopping, however, because the word “natural” on a label does not guarantee the food to be nutritious. For instance, many animals are injected with hormones to fatten them, and those meats can be labeled natural, when in fact they contain very unhealthy chemicals.

When shopping, be aware of and avoid products which have the following words on the label: hydrogenated, enriched, reduced, and low-fat. These foods are man-made, and generally not nutritious.

Also avoid groups of foods which consist primarily of carbohydrates and starches, such as breads, pastas, and potatoes. These are the “Big Three,” and they quickly convert to sugar when consumed. Reduce your consumption of these foods, and eat more protein.

Also, remember there are good fats and bad fats. The man made trans-fats should always be avoided, but the natural fats found in meats, nuts, oils, and eggs are not only good for the body, they are essential for proper function of the brain and nervous systems. Moderation, however, is very important. When our diet provides enough of the good fats, our body can release stored fats. Weight can actually be lost from consuming moderate amounts of the good fats.

The following is a brief example of a healthy diet. This is an overall summary of the beneficial foods recommended by a number of nutritionists, including Don Culbert, MD, Bruce West, DC, Royal Lee, DDS, Jordan Rubin, NMD, Diana Schwarzbein, MD, Jay Robbins, DC, and Judith DeCava, CNC. All have written extensively on the subject of proper nutrition and can be easily referenced on the internet.

Eat For Health
Increase Intake of Proteins

Organic, free range, if possible.
Red Meat –optimally 3 oz. 3 times per week
Fowl –unbreaded –unlimited
Fish –unbreaded –unlimited
Eggs –unlimited
Cheese –if not lactose intolerant
Raw Nuts –almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts –unlimited
Peanuts –small amounts

Veggies and Fruit:
All Organic if possible
Green and Red Vegetables –unlimited
Yellow and Orange Vegetables –smaller portions
Fresh Fruits –unlimited
BANANAS, MANGOS–small amounts

Cooking Oils:
All Organic if possible
Grape seed Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

Raw Turbinado Sugar –in moderation

Pure Spring Water –ideally ½ oz. per pound of body weight
Herbal Teas
Fruit Juice –no added sweeteners. diluted with 50% water limited to two 6 oz glasses/day

Reduce Carbohydrates:
Wheat Products (sprouted wheat ok)
Rice (whole-grain brown rice ok)
Junk Food (cookies, chips, donuts, etc.)

Habits take time to break. The average person trying to change their diet needs time to break addiction to carbohydrates. Keep your sense of humor and keep the long-term goal in mind –you are changing your dietary habits to improve your overall health and well-being for the long run. Living well (disease free) and adding life to years requires commitment. You Can Do It!

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